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Kurt Cobain never really caught my eye until my early 20s. Even then, I focused more on fun, dance, pop songs. It wasn’t until later on in life I discovered – or rediscovered his genius. Some people may not get it, but I’ve been to so many shows and seen so many bands from Austin to New York and I am quite selective as I seek the whole package. The lead singer can have a great distinct voice, but the rest of crew, the instrumentation, the melody, the composition all have to be harmonious. When every piece somehow fits right into place and you really can’t explain it – that’s when it’s something special.



Zach De La Rosa has his stunts though it’s all for a bigger message. He’s old school in the fact that when hip-hop and rap first started, it was to express emotion, even if it were frustration, at the status quo and make a statement as opposed to now which seems like a bunch of brag about consumption and how scandalous some women can or should be.  Rage’s members are political and social. Combine the social consciousness with a crazed guitar and snappy lyrics that make your head spin and your fist pump, then you have one of the best bands ever.  Personally, I raise my miles per hour on the treadmill from 6.0 to 9.0. It’s unfortunate that every time I go to their concert, many fans miss the message endangering other concert-goers by being disorderly and reckless due heavy drinking. Though, Zach uses his great influence to get the crowd in order by laying down the law from his stage – act right or he’ll not perform. Right on, red star!

Rage Against the Machine


Now if we could take it down 1 million notches, I have to pay tribute to the woman with the soulful, yet poppy voice. She was like an angel dipped in neon colors when she first entered the scene in a big way. Even as her career turned different corners , I was always a fan. From innocence to a woman who became, her voice was always powerful and mesmerizing. And that Star Spangle Banner, I still get goosebumps every time. Who could ever top that? I will always love you, Whitney.

Whitney Houston


Today it’s hard to find something interesting and different that doesn’t blow the speakers off your laptop. In some of Lana’s songs, if any, there aren’t any drums! Just an almost jazzy voice dropped into some hip hop influenced beats accompanied with a settle darkness in every song.  I do appreciate the instrumentation and the way she holds her own, it’ll be hard for anyone else to cover.  And the videos are inciting.


Michael’s music hits every scene. Whether it’s a dive bar or 40/40 club, anyone can play his tunes. That’s how versatile and magnificent his songs are. The body-moving beats are topped off with a voice of sensitivity. I could watch his music videos for hours at a time, or play his songs til I’m dizzy from my spin moves. Not much to say here, just listen and watch.

Michael Jackson


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