Red for Feb, Hello Valentine

In an attempt to grasp for anything fiery, I dyed my hair a ravishing red. I tell some the color change is due to me trying to keep my head hot in the cold NYC weather. I tell some its due to my passion in seeking extra creativity for the dear black history month. I tell all the others, it’s for Valentine’s month. Even though my reasons may seem far-fetched, the hair color is not. A hue of red can work with any skin type, even mine!

Other brunettes and blonde have gone red sometimes. It’s not just me.


Blake looking Lively on


Drew Barrymore who can pretty much wear any color, on


Wowing the crowd as usual with her risk-taking, Rihanna on


Red and Bombshell, Scarlett Johansson, on


Who could ever forget Cynthia Nixon, the true blonde known for being red?


Before Hayden Panettiere went country, she went mahogany,


Kim Tank, trying on red



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