The weather says it’s summer…

…and so does my hair now.

I’m still deep in my fondness of black strands meeting brown strands in relief of after my long run with jet black, though as I see the sun show up again and again more often I think, why don’t I let my hair lighten up even more? Many sleepless nights had me tossing and turning due to the voice in my head getting louder “Lighten it! Just do it! Why not?!” Finally I was pushed me over the edge and off the cliff where I would fall into the oblivion of my regular hair salon. That all sounds wildly dramatic, yes, it is all because of the virtue of going from dark brown to blonde which is quite a show. Hold on just a minute though – I wouldn’t dye my hair completely Pamela Anderson, only kisses here and there. My college days of dryness, friziness, and orange-iness has taught me to never vow for such a drama.  Therefore, this hair technique called ombre (all over highlights at the ends) or balayage (only the front and ends) is good enough and fit me just right. Now see the finished product, looking to last the whole summery summer long.

TY – Hair salon downtown Brooklyn! You hook me up every time .


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