Mug shot

You may have expected a ruffled Nick Nolte, or even better and fitting for me, the sleek Paris Hilton. And when I say sleek, I do not mean Miss Hilton in general, I am referring to her mug shot and that fact that I would pose innocently after peering in the mirror first as all jailbirds should follow her lead on that one.

No, this is a pun. A pun intended. Last year was a milestone birthday for me, and so milestone that I had a plethora of plans all that day which lead to shortage of food in my system. Add in a big birthday bash with lots of friends, free drinks, and Mug Lounge, and you’ll get…well, let’s just use our imaginations.

Needless to say, I was told I had the most wonderful time. Given from the pictures, I’m pretty sure I did. Fast forward one year later with one of the bartenders surprisingly (or really not so) recognizing me as the birthday girl in the pink dress. Yes, it was I! Maybe it was because I was sporting the same color (albeit add in the teal cardigan  for a more self controlled look), that she remembered me. Or maybe because I…was the birthday girl who’s friends were so generous as to make sure a bevy, in a long glass or short glass, was always in hand. In any case…Mug Lounge is a great place to have parties and even stop by on a more chill night to chat with its friendly bartenders and down-to-earth owner, Mike.

Now back to the cardigan!!!! I wasn’t fooling any of the bartenders in hiding behind the innocent look of it. It can change up the outfirt by adding a splash of color and demure while keeping things a little warm when it’s a little chilly outside. Below are my fav looks.

TY Mug Lounge


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