Keeping curls safe and sound

Yesterday I got my hair did in preparation for my birthday party being 2 days away. I was concerned about the curls, will they last? Could they survive 2 nights of sleep, work, and a workout?

For the preservation, I rolled the curls up and pinned them to my head. I wrapped my hair up at night to minimize frizz (use a silk scarf!) The next morning was my work out. The scarf stayed on, a beanie came over. At least it’s still somewhat chilly so I don’t too put of place. For the shower…of course a shower cap. Next feat, work. I pretended the Josephine Baker look by adorning this head ban which had a nice golden flower (to cover my rose tattoo, my profession is professional.) Take a look at the pics below. Would you have guessed this hairstyle was hiding dozens for curls waiting to let loose? We’ll see tomorrow. I’ll literally keep you posted.

TY – #UrbanOutfitters for the hair band



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