My first Herve

My curve’s in Herve’s. At first, I had some nerves, but it turned out I got kudos from more than just pervs! This outfit gets all the attention it deserves.

Herve Leger

Ok, so I’m not really a rapper. I think I’ll stick to fashion blogging however, I do stand by my lyrics. When trying on the tight, colorful masterpiece that we mostly see on the stars (JLo, Rihanna, Christina Ag) I thought I couldn’t possibly pull this off in the real world. Though on a special occasion called a night out, my bravery overpowered my thoughts and I walked out of the door in a hip-hugger. Not much is needed – mostly just a loose top, any kind of heels, a necklace, and some attitude. All of the compliments I received came from both the guys and the gals. Til next time, my blue bright friend.

TY – #Bloomingdales

Hot girls, hot looks:


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